Crooner Radio

I have found a really cool streaming radio station called “Crooner Radio”. They play the standards and have all of the Rat Pack music, it is terrific if you like that kind of music. It is streamed in pretty high quality.
I am able to play it on my computer but can’t figure out how to play it on my NAIM. Does anyone know how I can get that on my Unity2?

Does it play that old standard ‘Crooner Virus’?

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Crooner Radio is located in California
So in Naim iRadio, go Location>North America>USA>California … I see it in the All Stations list
Nice to see its 192kb/s
Thanks for the tip, its now in my Presets

I will try that! Thank you for the tip!

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That did the trick, it is now #1 in my saved stations.

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