Culinary abominations and corporate product weirdness

I’m the odd one out as my favourite pizza is ham and pineapple. I use to live in the heart of a very large Italian community and they gave me hell.


I used to love a prawn cocktail, I’ve tried to upmarket them once when we guests but failed miserably.


What would the Italians think of this I wonder?


Apparently not much :grin:

And they’d think a lot less of that video.

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Prawn cocktail is fab , seems to be making a comeback.

How did you make the sauce ? Easy to jazz this up, with eg Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, lemon juice, horseradish (my favourite), lemon juice etc. Any or all of them…

No I just mixed tomato sauce and mayo and a touch of Tabasco sauce. Sauce wasn’t the issue it trying to add another ingredient.

Used to love cheese/pineapple as a kid as well as cheese and jam sandwiches. Yum.


They’d probably think she looks quite sweet but the neo-pasta looks awful.

I think you’re right about it becoming more popular again.

Not that keen on the sauce myself and would prefer cooked prawns with fresh lemon juice and some nice veg or salad, definitely not bland lettuce.

We used to feed rabbits kale, they loved it.

I remember Masterchef being Lloyd Grossman and a very small show .

But food standards have risen incredibly over the last twenty five years as has food culture and food awareness , you now have both Marcus Waring and Raymond Blanc doing shows that have cookery and garden elements

I am planning to plant garlic :garlic: in the next few days, my parents would not have dreamed of planting such exotica never mind things like chillies

It seems that food manufacturers are becoming increasingly industrial whereas some consumers are wanting much higher end and higher welfare both for animals and the environment our food is grown in


I used to hate steak - and couldn’t understand why James Bond seemed to enjoy it. Then I discovered that the bits of string loosely grouped together in small cubes with which we were served at my boarding school were not, despite their name, proper steak. I tried prawn cocktail followed by steak one day in my late teens, and it was my go-go meal out for some time. Nothing wrong with prawn cocktail, really.


Prawn cocktail needs those little shrimps. They tend to be cheaper and more flavoursome than the larger king prawns.
Especially if they come frozen - which would have been a new thing when prawn cocktails first became popular.

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If the butcher can tell you the exact fat content I’d be sceptical of how traditional it is. Every piece of a cut is different, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less.

If your butcher is really traditional, you should be able to choose the cut before it’s minced.


That’s a really good point, even for mass produced mince.

I suspect there are some arbitrary standards where the mince has to be within a certain range of variability in order to be labelled a certain percentage on the shelf/counter.

Lean, reduced fat, standard might be better descriptors depending on the typical cuts used.

Worst case would be if they are adding 5-20% actual fat by weight to any old cuts! :wink:

Apart from the squishy/stodgy vac packed stuff, we could also debate the merits of thinly/thickly minced meat.

Anyone else get irritated by ‘regular’ as in ‘regular fries’?

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About 40 years ago when it first started to creep in in the UK, yes. Turns out that me complaining hasn’t done one whit to reduce its encroachment.

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I used to get bones from my local butchers at next to nothing or free.
Today they charge quite a bit depending on from where.
Recently folk are taking to making “bone broths” recommended to promote against the aging process and general all round skin and hair health, bloody butcher has obviously had several punters asking and thought to make a few from this trend.

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Not unreasonable. He is there to make money, by providing a service, e.g. supplying bones.

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Or buying them for their dogs……