Cultured Audio and Naim Atom

After going to the Kudos Sigao Drive demo at Cultured Audio a couple of weeks ago, went back with the same friend as he wanted to audition some new loudspeakers, upgrading from his Ruark Talisman loudspeakers.

They had already set up the Neat Elite Classic Loudspeakers and they connected his Rega Apollo CD Player and Elicit R Amplifier.

After a few tracks, he found that the sound wasn’t to his liking, as he found that the bass was not too controlled.

After a quick chat with the dealer, they connected up a Naim Uniti Atom for comparison.

Well, the difference was very noticeable, much better. Improved bass control and more enjoyable.

Listened to a further number of tracks, including, the ones that initially, he didn’t like.

Now he’s got the problem of what to do next. Instead of just upgrading the loudspeakers, he’s now considering upgrading the source and amplifier to the Atom, as he can connect his Rega P3 deck and Apollo CD Player to it.

I haven’t thrown the spanner in the works and yet and told him to also consider the Uniti Star as this has a CDP and he can then also P/X the CDP as well as the amp.


Atom sounds a good move. Keep the CD player, it’s a good one.
Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do more of an upgrade than initially planned to get the synergy back.

I wonder whether a Nait XS3, or used XS2, might be an even better option. Does your friend want the streaming and iRadio functionality of a Uniti? Might different speakers that work well with the Rega be a good idea?

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He’ll need a phono stage ,

Interesting to hear your comments about the “mighty” Atom , one day I’ll give that a whirl with my P3ESR .
There is at least one very happy user of this combo on the forum


He is also considering streaming, hence this type of unit.

Saw the Nova PE whilst we were there, much bigger than the Nova.


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Recently bought some new to me speakers from Cultured Audio, great dealer and I’m sure looked after you both.