Current Uniti Range and Vinyl

As I mentioned recently, my old Uniti mk 1 has a CD drive problem. This unit is now getting on for 13 years old and is coming to the limits of how well it can cope with modern streaming and, as @Richard.Dane pointed out, there are supply problems with getting replacement parts. When the new Hi-res FLAC from Tidal become available, I worry that this device won’t be able to handle it. That said, it handles HLS streams extremely well as it had both the factory upgrade and a replacement display. I now play CDs through my Cambridge Audio UDP via the optical link, with the Uniti doing the decoding, with excellent results and I am satisfied with that workaround, for now.

So, I have considered replacing the old Uniti with one of the latest incarnations of the Uniti but there is a fly in the ointment: the old Uniti powers my Stageline N and the new Unitis don’t have a MM input.

What would I need to do to overcome this?

You could get a second hand hi-cap to power the Stageline N.
When I used my Star with my LP12 I used a Rega Fono power supply, I would have gone for the Aria but I wasn’t sure how much I would use the TT. Looking back I think the Aria would have been a better choice.

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Is stretching to the New Classic NSC 222 and NAP 250 too much. The NSC 222 includes a MM stage so the box count would be the same. Of course this is a more costly option which may be prohibitive.

You could get a newer Uniti, but for vinyl an integrated amp might be a more suitable choice. A Nait XS3 or Supernait 3 both have a decent MM phono board built in, or you could use them to power your Stageline. Earlier versions of these amps hand no built in phono stage, but they could power a Stageline.
For streaming, you could just use your Uniti for now as it has a line out that would connect it to the amp. Maybe add a separate streamer at some point.

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There are plenty of good self powered phono stages around, which are better than a Stageline.


I did look at that option, but it’s eye-wateringly expensive. I already have a NAP250DR which I really love, but even so! At least with the Uniti I can trade the 250DR in to set against the cost of the new one.

I’m using my Uniti Atom with a Rega P3 and Rega MM phono. Works really well.

Another option is the very flexible and great value Dynavector P75. Sell the stageline to fund.

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