Custom Design FS104s with ATC7s

Hi is anyone using the above or is there amore suitable speaker stand?thankyou

That is my setup, my HiFi dealer was pushing some other stands but at more than double the price, I have been more than happy with these although I do wonder if the stands are a bit big for the speakers, the 7’s have that nice curved design at the back, you have to be careful when placing the speakers on the stands to get them balanced.

I have the supplied squashy rubber/silicone fitted between the stands and speakers and the stands are half filled with shot or whatever it is called.

They work well, or at least I think they do, I’ve never tried anything else so have nothing to compare them against.

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I had that combination, following the conventional wisdom that ATCs are happiest on heavy stands, however I found that, while the bass gained some welcome weight and the overall sound was crisp and detailed, the PRaT was severely compromised.

I then switched to a pair of Something Solid XF stands, a custom built open frame design, and found them much better. A little lighter in the bass, but a more lively and natural presentation. I believe they’re no longer made, but there may be similar stands out there.

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