DAB / FM indoor aerial for UQ recommendations please

Can anyone recommend an FM / DAB indoor aerial for a Unitiqute please.
I appreciate there will be a compromise in finding an aerial for
The multiplexes I can receive are from transmitters or repeaters in two different directions so a not-so-directional aerial is needed.
I’ve been using the supplied simple wire dipole. It’s adequate with some DAB artefacts but I keep having to retape it.

Many thanks

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You want one of below. I use one on my UQ in central London and it does a brilliant job. Get one without the USB powered amplifier. Mine has a magnetic base and is about the length of my hand, for scale. I tried loads and this is the only style that did the job on both FM and DAB. This was sourced on a popular auction site. When I just checked I couldn’t spot the exact same version, but there are some that look similar listed under indoor TV aerials and I remember some of these also supported FM and DAB.



@Zebedee - out of interest, is that an August DTA240 aerial?



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Thanks, just ordered one for my UnitiQute

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Have just checked my mail history, should have done that previously!

It was advertised as a Zorro MAG F Type 129db DAB DAB+ AM FM Antenna.


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