DAB/FM module NAC 272

Hello everyone, Could someone help me determine whether the nac n 272 from 2018/2019 with serial number 460991 has a built-in dab / FM module? I wrote to Naim but no answer. Thank You in advance for Your help in this matter. Rgds, Jeremi

If you have a picture of the rear of the unit in question you will be able to see if it has the module fitted as it will have and aerial connector if not it will have a blanking plug fitted.

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Thank You HH. I have read Your plenty comments and most of them were right and on the “subject”. Pictures are excellent. Probably, correct me if I am wrong, there is no different, quality music different when music is streaming from WiFi and/or NAS and/or UnitiCore between N-272 with DAB/FM module vs without??? I am still thinking which one to choose!!!

I assume you mean “does having the module” cause negative sound differences? Without the module, it’s just a disabled input. I don’t have it, but I assume it’s no different to any of the other inputs which can be enabled/disabled (in terms of whether enabling and using an input causes sound differences). I’d assume the answer is “no”. I’m not a big radio fan. I’m happy with the iRadio support and that’s mostly for “talk” radio. If I want to listen to “random” music, I’d just use any streaming app. I wouldn’t pay the extra money for the module. I can understand the interest for people who were big FM listeners. But for me, radio is < 1% of my listening source.

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If you want to listen to FM, get the FM module. If you don’t, don’t.

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Thank You Gentlemen for all Your comments and stay healthy. Jeremi

If you are serious about FM radio and have access to quality broadcasts, I would forget about the FM module and buy a dedicated FM tuner.


I have a 272 with the FM module and a NAT 05 XS and I agree with @ChrisSU.

My Nat05 FM sound a lot better than internet radio on my SU.
The latter is however much more flexible and choices are many.

Been long since I tried the SU FM section, will need an adapter to antenna it seems.

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The antenna socket on the SU is F type and on the NAT05 XS it’s a conventional coax socket. But you should be able to buy an adaptor in a hardware store or on line. Anything will do. It really doesn’t need to be “audiophile”.

I see that on eBay that they cost just a pound or so per adaptor.


Sounds good and clever so far. Thank You again.

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