DAB Tuning Issue

Hi Guys,

I don’t listen to anything on DAB but I did a retune so I could listen to the BBC’s Beatles pop up station but when the retune was complete it listed some 70 odd stations but only four stations were available to listen to. These were mainly local stations and a couple of national stations. The signal was very good on all stations so my roof mounted Ariel looks ok so I was wondering if there is anything more i could do to sort this issue out?

My Naim is a SuperUniti BT 2014 version.

Thanks in advance of any ideas…

I’m no radio expert, but sometimes I have a similar problem which put down to atmospheric limitations. Just a clear day I often don’t get a full set of stations but on a cloudy day a lot more stations are present.
Wether this is because the radio waves are more focused or bounced around I don’t know.
I hope that this not hokum.

The stations you can see, but not hear, have been migrated to the new DAB+ standard, and the earlier Unitis were not DAB+ capable. I don’t use DAB on my Uniti, but have the problem with my Roberts DAB radio in the kitchen.

Thanks for your replies much appreciated.

Just got this Spec from the Naim website,

  • DAB+/DAB/FM radio module as standard.

I might try a complete reset :roll_eyes:

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