Dac and Naim XS3

Hi How would I connect a DAC to the Naim XS3 Thanks

Just connect the DAC output to any of the line level inputs. I use Naim RCA to DIN leads to connect my Chord Hugo to the “Stream” input of my XS3.

You could also use RCA to RCA leads to connect your DAC to the RCA sockets of one of the XS3 line inputs.

Assuming your DAC has RCA sockets for its line output.

What DAC are you running?

Don’t have one at the moment. Still deciding what one to buy. Thanks

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Depending on your budget a pre loved NDac would match very nicely with your XS3

Thanks for the recommendation but above my budget.I have an Audiolab cd transport which requires a Dac but mostly listen to vinyl. Though I still have a large cd collection.

Hey a ‘budget’ Audio-Gd R2R lands a lot of tech (and esoteric audio knowledge) in a ‘very cheap’ package (kind of feels like getting 4x the pricepoint DAC vs the other ‘best buys’ on the market)…

Food for thunk, and not thought I typically care to share :wink: (pearls to swine mostly, as many take for granted the AudioGd parts and ‘assume ChiFi’ in some negative manner; but truly the legacy of AudioGd just seems to be selling a small batch of ‘the best that can be made’ WITH scales of production and a lot of TLC/‘tuning’ for audio) (they are gifts to the world of hifi!!)

the cable side?
Totally recommend get yourself a (Naim) DIN to 2x phono plug cable…
The XS series Naits run the RCAs through a thin ‘computer’ cable internally, where as the DINs are using the nice thicker copper tracts and might actually benefit from cable upgrades.

Basically use ANY RCA to RCA cable you choose, but I wouldn’t spend cash on such a part…
And save pennies for any half decent ‘brand of your preference’ DIN to RCA (x2) cable that feeds into NAIM DIN.
They are standard affair cables, and the Naim made ones will likely be available new and second hand, just as much as a potentially nicer cable by Cardas or Chord etc… (I like Nordost but cannot really afford them)

The XS3, if fed from a Chord DAC or any nicer R2R DAC, will make great use of ‘better than standard’ cabling.
The XS3 even using RCA input reveals so much nuance in musical playback that my basic/budget R2R generates I consider just such a combination budget fi for KILLER sound quality.

You shouldn’t have to buy anything. The NDAC is supplied with a DIN lead which is ideal for connecting it to a Naim amp.

Thanks.Will have a look.

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