DAC for Uniti Core (SPDIF)

I am thinking of adding either a nDAC or ND5 XS via SPDIF to my Uniti Core. I’m leaning towards the ND5 XS for its internet radio options but would like to know how its music file replay SQ compares to the nDAC.

The NDAC is miles ahead. No contest on sound quality.


Just a thought… Why not consider a second hand NDS? It is coming at quite attractive prices today. Once a top streamer from Naim… still got it after all of those years… That way, you would have both the exceptional SQ and internet radio options. Plus, if you fancy, the possibility to use one of the “bridging” options connect NDS with “modern” services - these are not at all excluded with old, good NDS (Not-at-all-yet Dead Streamer).

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Well, I had been thinking of the NDX as well. Re: the NDS, I didn’t want to have to add a PSU immediately just to get it up and running.


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