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Hi all
I hope you are well
I am thinking about buying a solution to allow streaming via a computer (windows 11) to a device to drive Focal headphones in an office setting.
Ideally it would be good to stream from an iphone12 also
A Mojo was an option but the battery life is a concern
Is the Naim dac v1 a good option?
Is there a windows 11 driver?
Can you play an iPhone/iPad through the V1
Any other suggestions?
Many thanks and best wishes

Do you want a portable or a desktop solution?
I have a Chord Mojo/Poly which is a good solution for both scenarios, you can also use the Mojo connected between your laptop or iphone as a straight DAC.
I’d also look at iFi, I’ve got a iDSD Micro, the original one and that was an excellent desktop/transportable solution, they do a range of well regarded portable DAC’s.
You could also consider a dedicated DAP like a Sony or Astell and Kern as examples.
DAC V1 is a decent preamp/USB DAC, the main concern with those older generation Naim products is the Green displays, they fail eventually and if buying used you have no idea how long it’ll be before yours does as well, servicable by Naim still from memory but a potential unwanted expense down the road.
Also a modern portable solution will give you more flexibility like support for a wider range of formats including MQA and DSD as examples as well as Roon endpoint support (the Poly supports Roon, I control it that way from my laptop or phone)

Hi Mr M
I appreciate all your advice
It is a desktop solution
Best wishes

Do you have a budget in mind?

The Chord Mojo can be powered over USB as needed, what’s called “Intelligent Desktop” mode. The iFi DAC’s can be battery or USB powered in a similar fashion.
Your budget and headphone needs will likely determine the best option. I’ve owned both iFi and Chord desktop/portable products so can talk to their capabilities. The nice bonus with a Chord Mojo or Hugo 2 being you can add a digital transport to them as an upgrade.
Also as Chord recently updated the Mojo with the Mojo 2, if you’re budget constrained, the original Mojo is in good used supply currently as existing owners choose to upgrade so worth looking out for.
If budget allows the Hugo 2 is a decent step up in quality and again can be USB powered and has a 1/4 inch jack instead of the 3.5mm on the Mojo with a higher power output headphone amp and more capable DAC circuit.

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@charlesphoto enjoys the Dac V since a long time. A long time we haven’t heard of him here. How are you Charles ?
I am sure Richard Dane can answer to the OP question. If I am not wrong, I see no problem connecting the Dac V to an iPhone, as it has usb output.

You will need to use a camera connection kit between an iPhone and the dac v1 (same as with the mojo).
Drivers for Windows are in the downloads section here

Never owned any of their products but occured to me that Schiit do a decent range of Headphone amp / DAC products also.
If it were my money and given the used prices of a DAC V1 as well as the likely need to replace the screen at some unknown point in time, I’d be leaning towards getting something current and with better features, almost certainly with equivalent and likely better performance than a DAC V1 as well.

I’d seriously look at the Mojo2 for this application. As well as better SQ over the original Mojo (no slouch itself), it’s also got a new battery charging regime where it completely disconnects the battery (when fully charged) when running off a charger, so need to worry about keeping it permanently plugged in for a desktop solution. You can easily take it on the move too.

I am a long term DAC-V1 user s/n 344xxx. The display is starting to show issues while in the setup mode (with the smaller text display). The unit has also been repaired once for a broken USB connector .
I use the USB input with a high power server. In this mode its USB input signal quality will determine its performance, i.e. it can range from ordinary say with my 2008 HP Elitebook direct USB to extra ordinary with a uniquely powered Intel i9-10900K based DIY server and a dedicated JCAT USB XE card that I have. I have not used it with any phone yet.
I find its headphone drive quite good with the AKG 701 and Senn HD 650 type headsets I own, I think slightly better with one of them (sorry, not a big headphone user)
DAC-V1 has been discontinued by NAIM. I owned the (very good) Chord Hugo 1 when it first came out, but with the kind of music I listen to I gravitated more to the DAC-V1 (might be in the minority here). I hope NAIM makes a more robust and improved version (DAC V2?) but it is a competitive bracket with several other good choices.

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When I ran a Mk1 Hugo in my Naim system I just left it permanently powered up, only very occasionally disconnecting it to run down and recharge the battery. It was entirely trouble free, so I can’t see why this would be a problem with the Mojo.

Indeed. You can do it that way. Some people like to leave these permanently plugged in and it runs in desktop mode

Mojo 2 can be left connected to a power source at all times if desired. In this mode, when fully charged, Mojo 2’s menu button and battery status light displays magenta, indicating the end of the charge cycle and the initiation of Intelligent Desktop Mode which regulates charging to preserve the battery.

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Been using a DAC V1 for several years with my Focal headphones fed from my ND555 sounds excellent plus has volume remote control.

Definitely check out the RME ADI-2 DAC fs as a great desktop solution… lovely dac and headphone amplifier with balanced XLR outs for active speakers.

Driverless USB input, plus optical and coax SPDIF. Has a remote control for volume and input selection. Has about as many configuration options as you’d ever care to explore (and a useful manual and online community to help you understand what everything is and does!).

Can also drive it directly from an iPhone / iPad (with or without a camera connector or USB hub), which sounds great and gives the easiest (only?) access to the full definition content available on Apple Music.

Highly recommended… lots to find and read on this forum and elsewhere on the web.

Best wishes whichever way you decide to go!


I 2nd the RME DAC love mine. Also look at Matrix Audio Element range they also include streamers. Very well regarded, exceptionally well made, very respectable price and get excellent reviews.

Still around just not on the forum much. Still rocking the DAC V1 into a 160 with opticalRendu as source. Really can’t see how I could need anything else. Great value on used V1’s out there. Not sure if they have the same screen issues as the Unitiqutes - the display on mine is still good after seven years (my UQ1 screen I had to replace last year).

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Spot on, a highly regarded DAC . Only slight drawback is that RME are mainly a supplier of studio equipment , and not audio equipment for the domestic market.

Most likely an internet purchase

What a wonderful forum this is!
Thanks for all the insights
I had never heard of RME
I have checked it out and it looks great
I like that it doesn’t have a battery although the Mojo2 with it’s intelligent battery function is an ingenious solution
Many thanks again and keep enjoying the music!


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