Dac v1 and 192 khz in windows 10

My windows 10 Dell laptop is like a couple of years old.

It is hooked by usb to dac v1.

Should I be downloading/using any special naim driver to be able to stream 24 bit 192 khz?

Appreciate the clarification.

Yes, see here https://www.naimaudio.com/news/21751/dsd-playback-now-available-naim-audio-dacs

DAC-V1’s asynchronous USB input allows the connection of a PC or Mac directly. Mac users need no extra drivers, Windows, including Windows 10, users will need the new version 2.00.0 driver downloadable here.

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YOu can also look at Audirvana software, to see if it has features you like.

sorry - i forgot to mention that i am using jriver 26 which is the latest version i believe.

do i still need to download the 2.00.0 driver?

Hi yes you need the windows driver. Also see this set up guide for jriver

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