DAC V1 Button Lights

Recently I purchased a DAC V1. I’m very happy with the sound quality. Music from my pc sounds so much better!

I prefer to have all my Naim gear in ‘display off’ mode. Normally I push ‘display’ on the remote and the button lights go off. This does not seem to work with my V1. Only the screen goes off. The buttons (e.g. usb input button) remain on.

Is there another way to turn the button lights off?


@charlesphoto should help

Hi Roger, welcome to the forum! Short answer is no, or at least I am not aware whether this is possible. I have been enjoying my V1 for like 3-4 years now, and now that you mention it, it is the first time I pay attention to it and my SN2 is in stealth mode, logo on only, but that lit V1 button 5 is not bothering me at all, and yes I am crazy about OCD. Just enjoy the V1, it is that good.

If you go into Settings > Display you can set everything off except the current input selected.

The logo light can be set to go off when the unit is muted.

Hope this helps.


Many thanks for your help. I managed to get this result, but if I understand it correctly this is the very best I can get with a V1. No 100% stealth mode like the other components.

When the unit is unmuted, yes.


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