DAC-V1 not receiving DSD from ROON

I have a DAC-V1 on firmware 1.16, so it should be able to receive DSD. However, ROON on my Mac will only convert to PCM and does not show options for DSD. The Mac is connected via USB to the V1. Has anyone been able to make this work? Is there a way to independently verify that the V1 can do DSD?

I have the same issue with my v1 Dac. I’m running the latest software as well.

I’m running Roon and have it connected via usb cable to my Innuous Zenith music server which runs Roon Core and also acts as the Roon endpoint. When I play a dsd file it’s shows as being played as DoP ( dsd over PCM).

When I play the same file to my ND555 over Ethernet it plays as DSD.

Not sure if this thread over on the Roon forum might help


FWIW When I had a DacV1 I could never get it to work dsd with roon.

Works fine for me. Though I prefer the sound of native file rate. NUC 7i5.

@james_n, I saw the Roon thread too. Karen_Hughes had it working, but I can’t figure out the magic.

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I looked at that thread on the Roon forum but in her screen shots Karen is upsampling in Roon to dsd but in the signal path screen shot it shows DoP ( dsd over PCM) at the end of the signal path… not DSD.

I believe I read somewhere that DoP (DSD over PCM) is still streaming the DSD information to the DAC, its just a different way of streaming it.

Isn’t Mac limited pretty limited for native DSD and requires drivers for he DAC to support it or it will be DoP other wise. Roon will rely on the driver that is available to it.

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