Dac v1 remote wont work correctly

Hi everyone, I realized that the remote control of the dac v1 doesn’t work at all, only the volume button works but not the setup button. I use the dac v1 connected to the supernait 2 and use the remote control of the dac v1. What may have happened?

Hi Bobby, coincidentally I have both V1 & SN2 :). I have never had any issues with my V1 DAC or the remote, which I am using primarily to control the volume of the amp, as the dac is in fixed output mode. Try maybe resetting the unit, while switching on, hold buttons 1 & 3, if that don’t help, may be reach out to Naim support.

hello realdpg, I have already tried to reset the dac v1 by holding down the keys 1 and 3 but the problem has not been solved, quite the contrary! as I had previously disabled the preamp of v1 to use the preamp section of the Supernait, with the reset the Dac V1 now also acts as a preamp and I cannot disable it because the setup button on the V1 remote control does not work. Quite frustrating. I think it’s a remote control pairing problem that should be reset but I don’t know how to do it … in the meantime I also wrote to naim support …

Have you tried new batteries in the remote? Low batteries can often make remotes go wonky. Also, keep in mind that fixed volume output doesn’t actually bypass the preamp of the V1, though from what I’ve heard some prefer the sound going into a ‘better’ preamp.

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