DAC-V1 - Why a 4-5 DIN Interconnect

Why do you need a 4 pin Din to 5 pin Din SNAIC from Naim DAC-V1 to a Naim preamp?

I understand the original 4-5 din was used to connect phonostage to preamp when the former is powered by a dedicated power supply.

Is the DAC-V1 not just another analogue source? Why can’t it use the standard 5 pin din to 5 pin din snaic?

I am trying to understand the logic here since the DAC-V1 cannot have a dedicated power supply.


The DAC V1 is effectively a DAC/Preamp - either used as just a headphone amp or with its partner, the NAP100 power amp. It was seen as part of a 3 box ‘Shoebox’ system comprising Unitiserve, V1 and NAP100. As it’s a DAC/Preamp (albeit a digital hub and DAC with a volume control) it follows the standard Naim pre to power connection approach using a SNAIC4 to connect the V1 to a power amp.

As you say, if you want to use it as a source in fixed line out mode, then you have the option to use a 4-5 interconnect to connect it to a standard Naim DIN input. You could also do the same with a stereo RCA cable if you wanted, noting Naim’s preference for the DIN connection in a Naim system.


Thanks James. That makes sense.

So if the 4 pin din is used to connect to a Naim Preamp, is there something that is missing? The 5 pin standard Din input in the preamp needs 5 signals coming in but now the 4 pin to 5 pin snaic is missing 1 signal.

I suspect it is missing the earth signal.


No, the signal ground connection is still there.

The 5 Pin DIN input sockets can be just input or both input and output (eg - Tape or AV sockets) so for an input you’d have ch1, ch2 and signal ground. For an in/out, you’d have ch1, ch2 input, ch1, ch2 output and signal ground.

The unused connection on the 4 pin DIN end is the one that would carry the 24v rail from a Naim power amp with an inbuilt preamp power supply to a preamp when a SNAIC4 is used. The DAC V1 doesn’t have this pin connected on its output DIN socket so no harm results if it’s used with other power amps such as the NAP200 - the NAP100 has no preamp supply built in.


A useful bit of information on each piece of equipment is the little illustration on the rear panels that shows which pins on the DIN socket are connected and how they are utilised.


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