Dac v1

Hi can anyone tell me how good the headphone setion is on the DAC V1 i own a few sets of headphones and like the idea of the remote control :slight_smile:



Gary, I’ve been using one for over a year driving Focal Elear headphones and find it very good.

Great thanks for the update


Do you use a power supply with it ?


Used with a Power Line Lite which became spare when I upgraded my 250dr to a 300dr a couple of years ago so just used as a stand alone unit.

Ok thank you i have a SN2 + hicapDR at the moment


Gary, the DAC V1 only has digital inputs not sure if the SN2 has a digital out mine is connected from the digital out on my ND555 as this is my only source.

Cool will have a look i really want it for the headphone section / remote :slight_smile:

There is no external PSU option for the V1.

I own (and like) a DAC-V1 but I never use its headphone output. I prefer the sound of my Headline II powered by a Hi-CAP by a great margin. More transparent above all, but also a more detailed and natural sound. In fact, changing from the NAPSC to the Hi-Cap did not change it much. My phones: Sennheiser HD-650 and Oppo PM-3.


Great ill look at a headline just the reviews of the dac said it was a great headphone amplifier

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