Dac v1

So I’m sat in my usual position on the sofa (see pics on the Show us yer Petz thread), listening to Robin Trower via my iPhone and ear pods, and I’m thinking to me self, why don’t I get a proper streamer & headphone amp and pull .flacs from the NAS.

Now, my streamers are all Raspberry Pi based, with MoOde software, so well familiar with that aspect, and indeed there is a Ethernet switch just behind the sofa into which I can connect the streamer, thus providing the SPDI/F stream.

So I’m looking for a (SPDI/F input) DAC/Headphone amp capable of driving Senn 650s, and the DAC V1 sprung to mind.

Anybody got any thoughts on the DAC V1? Good, bad, indifferent, whatever…. :smiley_cat:

I have one and think the headphone amplifier is particularly good. I also have an N DAC. In the setup they are both in, it’s difficult to tell them apart. But that could be because of that setup.



I have one. For some time I’ve considered building a simple, headphone-based second system in another room using it to convert an HDX’s output and to drive some good-quality headphones. I definitely loved the result. WAV files from the HDX sounded clean, smooth, detailed even with a modest Grado HP.
I’m not a headphone guy, and I am not sure that I’m going to keep either, but the DAC-V1 sounded perfect to me for canned music…

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Yeah, my nDAC is in the big active SBL system in another room. The living room (the room in question) is already full of Meridian DSP5000 5.1 surround system, so I’m looking at a small unit to go on a side table by my sofa (actually the side table just happens to be an old Meridian subwoofer - currently unused, but hey, it’s a nice height and size for books and a glass of …stuff.)

Needless to say, I have not run this past other interested parties as yet, but appreciate that I need a “discreet” solution. However the RPi streamer is display-less (controlled by my iThings), and will be located out of sight.

The dacv1 has a good headphone output but not with the 650… After it’s an ear story but we were two to prefer a Focal Elear, an Oppo pm3 and a Grado rs1… I replaced it with the 272, the headphone output is better.

I don’t know how similar the HD650 is to the HD600, but my HD600s sound great with my DAC V1.

I liked the 600, much more balanced than the 650 too much bass for my taste…

So… you have an Active SBL system (thats got to be 6 boxes…?) - and a Meridian surround sound system - andf you think you need your new addition to be… discreet…?

Sorry, think it may be too late… :slightly_smiling_face:

Not to mention the Aktiv Briks in the conservatory…

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I have the DAC V1, currently connected via USB to my Mac Mini. Hooked into the NAC82. Sounds great to me - although I am looking to get an ND5 XS2. I don’t use headphones too much, but have a set of 600 ohm Beyer Dynamics that I use with it. No issues with the volume into those. If I was using the headphones more I would look for something a bit nicer though, but that’s not the fault of the DAC V1.

There’s one on the auction site, which is close to me. Slight concern though as it is claimed to be a 2019 model, yet needed a new display screen last year.

Is the screen a problem area still?

My screen is fine, that said I have it set to go off in 5 seconds. Doesn’t give me any information I can’t get from other places.

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