Dac Yggdrasil connect Nac 82

I’m a new member that joined the forum,
My audio system Naim Nac 82, Nap180, speakers proac 1sc
I have a question? yggdrasil A2 connect to Naim nac 82 (2001) preamplifier with which connection is best and what is the name of the cable?

You’ll need an RCA Phono to DIN5 interconnect.

I really like the old Chord Chrysalis or standard Naim lavender/grey interconnect for such connections. You also have the Hi-Line as a more expensive option, as well as Super Lumina.

I have one of each of these… :smiley:

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Not only are these good, it seems they are also (currently) easy to find pre-loved, in the UK - and relatively inexpensive… The usual place… :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems I now have 2 of them… :astonished:

Thanks for the reply, currently audio system Transpot Meridian 500 Mkii + Yggdrasil A2+Nait 5si. I just bought Nac 82 and Nap 180 but don’t have power supply for Nac 82. Should I buy Napsc or Hicap?
Thanks all,

The 82 can take power from the 180, so a separate PSU is not essential but a Hicap makes a very nice upgrade.
The NAPSC is also worthwhile but it only powers the logic boards, not the actual preamp, so it’s not an alternative to a Hicap.

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In addition to what Chris mentions above, make sure your 82 comes supplied with a NAPSC (optional on a 102, standard on a 82). It won’t work without one.


So i just upgrade hicap no need to have napsc?
Thanks all,

Yep. The 82 needs an NAPSC to work in addition to another power supply.

As Chris says, the 180 can act as a power supply to the 82 as a starting point and you can upgrade to a Hicap later on.

In either case you need a NAPSC.

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Indeed, I should have made it a bit clearer that the NAPSC is required, not an optional upgrade.

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You guys are very good at the forum,
Thanks for your help.

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Indeed, but with second hand sales it’s always best to check that the seller intends to include it, along with any cables, as they don’t always bother.

I only received Nac 82 with no cable included, I bought it in the UK

You won’t get any cables with the NAC82, apart from the captive one on the NAPSC.

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Indeed……perhaps it’s time for an updated version of this in the FAQ?


Looks fine to me… 282 is covered and is correct. IMO… YMMV, etc

Yes, it’s fine for most stuff but out of date for streamers, Unitis etc. Also it’s in the old forum archive, so most people probably don’t know it exists.

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