Daisy Jones and the Six... Wow!

Anybody else loving Daisy Jones and the Six on Amazon Prime?? What a gorgeous trip into the mid 70’s West coast LA music scene. Gorgeously shot, great story, fab cast and beautifully written, heck I love the music!!

What a glorious antidote to British winter - check it out and bask in the golden light of Californian sun…

One shocker though - I decided to buy the album on vinyl today and wow Amazon are selling it for £42 for a single vinyl LP!!! I couldn’t find it anywhere else for less than about £36 either which seems like madness… How can anyone justify that?


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We’ve been watching this. I was absolutely gripped, though the enthusiasm has faded slightly by episode six. The best music is, or course, Patti Smith’s fabulous Dancing Barefoot that’s used for the intro.

All 6 episodes of music, plus a compilation album are available on Amazon HD.

We are watching it. He is a bit annoying but we are hanging in there.

Fleetwood Mac vibes.


Loosely based on Buckingham and Nicks ofcourse.
Ended a bit abruptly though.

There are four more episodes, two on Friday and two the following Friday. I’ve read somewhere that the book is actually much better than the TV serialisation, as is so often the case.

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Ah, ok…
Many thanks.

The whole big time arena concerts period is still to come. Watching this programme is causing me some consternation. I saw Fleetwood Mac at Wembley Arena years ago, I think 1980, but I simply can’t remember who I went with. I can’t even use drugs as the reason, merely old age and general stupidity.

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Thanks for the warning, Graeme. :sunglasses:




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