Dali Rubicon LCR - repeat

I posted this in the HIFi Corner but no reply. As its equally appropriate to Home Theatre this is a re-post…on the off chance.

We are not trying to set up a home theatre or serious listening space but would like decent sound for both music and movies without occupying floor space with traditional speakers.

The Dali Rubicon LCR caught my eye. Good reviews (though mostly the standard Rubicon, not the slim version), aesthetically they would work well for us, wall mountable and 3 of them can be mounted round the screen as L, R & C channels - 2 for stereo listening, 3 for movies (possibly a sub later, that would be evaluated separately).

Does anyone have experience with or thoughts on these speakers?

I Don’t have those specific Dali speakers but do have a 5.1 Dali Mentor setup which I’ve been happy with over the years I’ve had it. Their ribbon tweeters especially perform well (to my ears at least)
The Dali’s I’ve heard, other than the ones I have, I’ve enjoyed, they are good value for an AV system in particular although I use mine probably more for 2 channel playback, particularly vinyl.

Thanks Mr.M

They do seem to be worthy of further investigation…

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