Damaged Speaker Grill

Hi there, unfortunately when moving my Fact 12’s the frame on one of my speaker grills has snapped across the upper half on both the left and right hand side of the frame not sure what this is made of but where the break is feels more like cardboard than wood. Any suggestions on how to best join back together? no nails and woof filler just don’t seem to be taking to this material.

They are great speakers. I could not personally live with a poor job……and resale will be affected. I would contact PMC, if they were my speakers.

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Try Araldite, maybe…? Or Paper Glue, if its cardboard…?

But… as @Gazza says above… Try PMC for a replacement.

My guess is that it’s some sort of fibre board, which is usually near impossible to repair after it has broken and bent. No harm in trying as long as you can avoid damage and glue spills on the fabric, but I suspect you will end up replacing it if you want it to look perfect.

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I think you might be right in terms material, very frustrating!

They are gap filling and you probably don’t need that, plus difficult to do anything to surface finish with NN type product. And if you’ve already tried those you might have made use of another adhesive more difficult.

I have no idea what the grills are made of, and that is rather critical to choosing a good adhesive. Your description “like cardboard” suggests fibrous and perhaps wood fibres, possiblya fibreboard like MDF. If so a very careful application of PVA wood glue might work.

If a plastic it might be something like ABS, in which case a solvent weld adhesive would be best - try dabbing some of that or a bit of acetone or nail varnish remover somewhere inconspicuous on the inside, leaving for a few seconds and wiping off - if it leaves a marked surface that could indicate this or similar type of plastic, in which case maybe worth trying. The trouble is, if it is a filled plastic (plastic incorporating something else, perhaps fibre reinforcement, solvent adhesive might make only a poor joint.

If these don’t seem to fit what you see, and Googling doesn’t come up with something, you could try superglue, though personally I haven’t found many things on which it works other than rubber (works a dream on snapped plain rubber drive belts!). Alternatively, perhaps, an epoxy adhesive like Araldite, but don’t choose a rapid set as it won’t give you manipulating time.

In all cases lie flat on a plastic sheet or clingfilm covered board so any glue leakage doesn’t bond to it, pushed firmly together after infiltrating glue, and weight opposite ends with books etc to hold rigid for at least twice as long as you think is enough!

Good luck! If it works, and you might ever want to sell, buy a new one - but put away and keep old on, in case of future mishap.

Or just use naked.

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The poor chap might get cold if he plays them naked!

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Try looking out for Gorilla Glue, various types. This one is water activated and is a little like expanding foam. I would try and put some paper between the grill cloth and frame and get some of this in the gap, tiny splash of water and should do the trick

Great speakers by the way :+1:

Many thanks all for your suggestions

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