Dan Rather's "The Big Interview"

Highly recommended. I’ve been following this program for several years now on AXS TV in the US. Personal interviews with true icons in the entertainment industry. My favorites so far have been John Fogerty, The Doors (Robbie Krieger and John Densmore), Steve Miller, Carly Simon, Quentin Tarantino, and Peter Frampton. Easy to understand their success as these folks converse very lucidly. Dan does a good job of coaxing relaxed and seemingly genuine responses from his interviewees. The series is now in its eighth year and I’ve missed many episodes. Still hoping to catch Geddy Lee, Ringo, Roger Waters and Neil Young. Any other recommendations appreciated.

This seems interesting but unfortunately geo restricted too :worried:

I caught the Geddy Lee interview last night. Impressive. Geddy is very well spoken and told an amazing tale of his parents being holocaust survivors that despite being separated in concentration camps ultimately managed to emigrate to Canada and marry. He is an avid collector of Major League Baseball memorabilia. A man now at peace with himself, his varied celebrity history, and a band that is no longer touring. Great interview!

The Ringo Starr interview is coming up next week.

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