Danny Carey a true master

Enjoy this mesmerising and addictive song and his poly-rythm drumming :+1:t3: ATB Peter


Absolute hero! Nr 1 drummer since the tragic passing of Neil Peart.

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Great drummer and I enjoy his playing more then that of Peart’s. That said I can’t get with Tool at all. Not saying anything bad about them just not my thing, and I’ve tried. Also, Bruford’s influence on Carey is so on display since the early days

Hi Mandrake, I hear what you are saying and of course Tool’s music is going to be an acquired taste. Just stumbled over this video on my IPad and must admit the track Pneuma with Danny Carey at the drum helm got me somewhat addicted.
There’s also some interesting videos on how his playing gets evaluated by other musicians. They are all in awe about his unconventional skills in managing the beat and the weird rhythms on display, where he makes it sound almost ‘ dragging’. Just love it and hence shared! ATB Peter

Thanks for sharing. The man has mad chops and a very creative approach.

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You can take any Tool album & just revel in the drumming alone. Master indeed & part of an amazing band :+1:

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