DAP journey mkii

Well I have had my new Hiby R5 for a few weeks as my 2nd dip in to DAP land after sending the iBasso DX160 packing before Xmas. And very pleased with it I am too. Got it a ridiculously low price and it sounds very good. It’s very easy to use, UI is responsive and all apps work well and can have offline playback, can even run Roon on it, shame it doesn’t fully use the DAC but that will come soon I hope. If one small thing that lets it down it’s Bluetooth as it’s range is not great and has a tendancy to drop out even when DAP is in my pocket. Also the screen is small so using the android keyboard is not as easy as a phone but it’s a small compromise given I got the thing for less than £240 including import duty, got to love Ali Express and their official Hiby Store.

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