Darko on Talking Heads ‘Stop Making Sense’

There is an interesting article on John Darko’s web-site, hinted in one of his last YouTube videos

The article gets into the DR levels of current vs past recordings.
The examples given relate to the ‘23 reissue/remastered version of Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads.
In that the original CD based recording has a higher (better) DR, than the ‘99 reissue and today’s remaster in 24/44.1

So to get into the mix, just played 1st side of the 2LP ‘Deluxe’ remaster, which I also have as 24/44.1 FLAC and John is right, detailed but just lacking.
So I have pulled out my ‘99 EMI 180g reissue (Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense (1999, 180g, Vinyl) - Discogs) and bosh, the life, energy of the recording is there.
I also have the ‘84 EMI pressing, but the ‘99 reissue is normally my go-to for this recording.

Anyone else played the 2LP reissue yet?

Darko also goes to state that an extract of the Blu-ray in 24/48 provides the best streamed version, so will have to go find this. Will report back on progress and how this sounds.

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Many remastered recordings sound awful, and probably not only because of the loudness wars.

So true. He’s spot on. I have started collecting a lot of 80s CD’s second hand after being dissatisfied by the ‘remastered’ versions on Qobuz and luckily I have digitised a lot of them on harddisk in lossless format, so they are easy to enjoy on a Naim streamer.

For fun, try to find a title on Qobuz of an older recording that has been reissued recently in 24 bit and see if the CD 16 bit version is still around. You will be shocked by the differences. The 24 bit versions all sound loud and monotone.

It is different for classical music and jazz though, but not always. ECM’s 24 bit reissue of the Köln Concert from Keith Jarrett is something I cannot listen to from start to finish without feeling tired, while I can have the CD on endless repeat.

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Sultans of Swing is a prime example. I prefer the album version on Qobuz to CD. In contrast, the 24bit remastered version is utter garbage and unlistenable. OTOH, the remastered version of Lou Reed’s New York is significantly better than the original (again Qobuz).

I normally stay away from the reissues on Vinyl, as I either have the original pressing or an ‘Audiophile’ version collected before the Vinyl Revival & the price hikes :grin:
I do look for 24-bit versions however, but if significantly different often keep the original CD or SACD versions as well.

Given the praise this reissue/mastering has got on the Naim Forum, perhaps people just like high DR and compression here, lol. Ironic!

See also the “Originals vs. Remasters” thread, which among other things, links the Darko article.