Darran@Class A hits 60 today!

I hope @Darran doesn’t mind but I had the my Nait 1 and Nait 2 CB return from being serviced by him last week. I commented that he had over the last few years serviced a NAC 32.5, a Nait 1, an Olive Nait 2 and 3, possibly 4, Chrome Bumper Nait 2s and that my current amps would not need servicing for another 15/20 years. I commented that I hoped he would still be in business at that time. He let it slip that he is 60 today and hoped to be somewhere warmer by the time my servicing is next due.

So Happy Birthday Darran and thank you for all of your expert work over the years it is much appreciated and enjoy retirement when you decide it is time. All the best.


One would hope the business would continue in other hands, but i have a funny feeling it could be the end when he retires?

Happy Birthday @Darran !

See you in 2 weeks’ time with the Supercap.

Best regards, BF

Darran said the exact same thing when he handed over my serviced Nait 2 last year, see you in 15 years.

Happy Birthday Darran :partying_face:

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Happy birthday Darran!

My CB Nait2 was serviced last year and transformed from screechy to sublime.

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Happy birthday Darran!

Keep “soldering” on…


Happy birthday @Darran and thank you so much for looking after so looking after so many of us

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My Lingo 1 is en route back from Darran today. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Darran.

Always had high quality service from Darran. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic too. :+1:

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Same here, Darran has serviced several amps for me and I’ve always been very happy with the results. He’s also fielded a fair few telephone queries! :slight_smile:

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Can the OP add ‘still alive’ to the thread title? I was expecting bad news when I saw it!

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Or maybe just “Happy Birthday” :wink:


Happy Birthday Darran, and thank you for your help and advice over the years.

Best, Chris

I’ve never used Darran’s services but he has a huge reputation on this board and I wish him a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Darran!

Happy Birthday, Darran - and thank you for breathing new life into my amps.

Have a great 60th birthday @Darran

Authorised by Naim is a fine endorsement of your work, and all the satisfied customers of course!

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Happy birthday Daran! Be healthy and I would like you to continue to make us happy with your work. Happy customer to whom you have received, served and sent again in Bulgaria my amplifier Naim!

Happy birthday Darran!

(3x250’s, an XPS2, Lingo 1, 2 x Supercaps all serviced by Darran)