Dave Prowse

Peculiar isn’t, not exactly a glut of roles during his acting career, however certainly two of the most iconic from my ‘70’s childhood.

And at the opposite ends of the white hat/black hat spectrums.



My daughter loved the original Star Wars movies, and Darth Vader was her favourite character. Back when the DVD5 was just released I had no tv but I did have a projector and 130inch screen and she loved to dress up as Darth Vader, complete with mask and light sabre, and act out his parts while the films were projected in near life size in front of her. It was a great way for me to also beta test the DVD5 and AV2…

I messaged her yesterday morning when I heard the news about Dave Prouse but she already knew - of course! Thanks Dave and may you rest in peace.

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2020 the year that keeps on giving

He was definitely an icon in that Green Cross Code Man role, remember it will. RIP Big Man.

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