David Bowie album cover artwork for sale

I thought this was interesting and wish I had pockets full enough to buy the Scary Monsters AW!

“Original artwork for David Bowie albums are among memorabilia of the musician being put up for auction.

The collection belongs to Edward Bell, who designed the cover for Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) and the 1980 hit single Fashion.

Other items include Polaroid photos and portraits of Bowie, with some of the items inscribed by him.

The online auction runs until 1 August and is expected to raise £75,000.”


I went to the gallery to view it today. Edward Bell was there and I got to have a little chat and got him to sign a copy of his book for me and the auction catalogue.
Some really interesting items but I suspect the prices will far exceed the estimates plus there is an additional 30% to add to the hammer price!!
A lovely day out though.


Oh that’s great, a really nice coincidence meeting Edward at the gallery, it must have been very interesting talking to him and and getting a little extra insight into the work, plus the signed book of course. I’ve also been looking through the online sales catalogue and there are some interesting items, but I’m pretty sure the pieces that have caught my eye will exceed my budget. Good tip about the sales commission!

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