David Gilmour - About Face

Is it just me or does the 24/96 2006 remaster of About Face on Qobuz sound dreadful? Seems to have no dynamic range at all and compressed to hell and back. The CD quality non-remastered version on Tidal sounds much better to my ears.

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You are right in contrast with the Hi Res of the debut album which is so much better than the CD 16 bit.

You really have to do your homework when investing in Hi Res as some of them are just rubbish - take the recent Steely Dan Hi Res reissues - just pants.

I have been doing a series of Hi Res’s that are well worth the investment:

Carly Simon - No Secrets
The Allman Brothers Band - Idlewild South
Heart - Dreamboat Annie
Prefeb Sprout - Swoon
The Clash - London’s Calling
Steve Miller Band - The Joker
Crowded House - Crowded House


Took a screenshot of that👍

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