David Gilmour - on discovering Kate Bush

DG’s take on what happened, how & why.

What a good job he persevered, when EMI management couldn’t ‘get’ Kate Bush.


Well, she was rather wonderfully different to what was regarded as mainstream music at the time, in the post-punk era, where ‘new wave’, ‘the new romantics’ and other sub-genres including electro-pop, were all in vogue. Thankfully, as you say, the public ‘got her’ and the rest is history, and Hounds of Love was a hi-fi show favourite if memory serves.


You were good until that last sentence.

Now it’s in there.


G – I have edited out. Sadly, some things remain burned in my little brain :frowning:

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I wouldn’t call her post-punk, as her first single was recorded in 1977 - yes, a year after punk started, but actually right in the middle. I well remember its release, a friend of mine at that time having been one of the studio engineers, talking about it for ages before it appeared. He loved working with her, said she was just like a normal person, no airs or attitude.


John Lydon - also was known as Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols has long expressed his admiration for Kate Bush.
Perhaps John isn’t so far removed from his one time arch nemesis Dave as he once thought he was. :wink:


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