David Gilmour

New album out 6th September, very exciting.

Hopefully we’ll get a tour too.



Oh dear this doesn’t sound good

Quote = Of this new working relationship, David says, “We invited Charlie (Andrew of Alt-J Co-producer) to the house, so he came and listened to some demos, and said things like, “Well, why does there have to be a guitar solo there?” and “Do they all fade out? Can’t some of them just end?” = Unquote

Why does there have to be a guitar solo there - Why - Because it’s Dave Gilmour!!!

Take a tip from me Dave produce the album yourself. Don’t listen to these boys in short trousers.


All very exciting, hope there is a tour too!



And probably appropriate to include:

(the look from Romany makes me laugh every time - I get the same from my daughters…usually accompanied by a sigh…)

And I like the first track released.


The cover is awful, the typeface is awful, the title is awful and that first “single” “The Piper’s Call” is utterly anonymous. While it’s good to hear his guitar and voice again, none of it bodes well…

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Indeed, odd cover - at first I thought it was Ozzy Osborne. Perhaps it is ?:joy:


If you buy from Amazon you are supposed to be able to get an alternative cover. The album is also on Blu Ray Audio in Dolby Atmos and Hi Res mix with 4 bonus trax. It also comes in translucent sea blue vinyl or with the alternative cover in Opaque white vinyl.

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Yes, but that’s rubbish as well!

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Well at least he’s consistent!

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Odd cover sure, but why not, old school from the 70s vibes :innocent:


The only thing I would ever care about would be the music, as I would be listening thru Tidal or such, or a download. Actually I rarely even notice the wrappings and I’ve rarely ever read any of the accompanying verbage. I’m a fan of the music not the musicians. I’ve known too many musicians …

I’m only interested in a handful of intriguing/competent musicisians and DG is actually one of them.
I’ll have a listen when I can and re-post a musical opinion.

One album/CD insert I did read was Dave Brubeck’s Time Out. Turns out it was a study in a variety of time signatures.
I appear to only be interested in musicians that are named Dave. Weird.



“Whatever it takes/steer clear of the snakes.”

That is just terrible.

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It’s a pity you don’t take more notice because the star of the show is Paul Desmond.

Jeez mon, if you have to read the insert to know that, then it’s a darn good thing you do read them …

Just heard a track on youtube, sounds pretty awful!

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