Davone speakers

Yes, I have been wondering about FR! He is a funny guy, yet very enthusiastic about everything HFI.

@frenchrooster - Where have you been?

Thanks @Meni and @anon56221831 . I was away from the forum for some time. Needed a break.
Social media are not always sane…and I think I was also too often here…


Welcome back FR👍

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Welcome back.

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Welcome FR…With this expensive hobby it`s normal not be sane


Thanks guys. This year was difficult, pandemic, autumn very rainy and long here. But summer very soon and normal life progressively back too.
Today shops and restaurants outside are opening. Very soon the sports clubs too.

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Yes welcome back!

My impression is that the forum has been a bit quieter and calmer lately and as a consequence perhaps less addictive. :grinning:

Don’t know how I have to take it :grin:

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