Davone speakers

Anyone here try Davone speakers, specifically the Twist Select? I’m pairing with a Nova. They look great but I don’t know anyone who’s actually heard them. Curious as to impressions. Thanks.

That ones ? They look cool.

They look like Sonus Fabers that have failed a UCS test.


UCS test? What is that ?

Uniaxial Compressive Strength. Usually tested by squashing in a big press.



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They cost 30k …but have no idea on how they sound.

They do look like they should be in a lounge with an Eames chair .


You have seen right :+1:

Still Davone speakers ( Ray-S model) and Eames chair.

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Those look like the “heads” from war of the worlds (LOL).

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Yes, I prefer the first model I posted. Would keep the chair however.

They look very classy with the grill on. Looks somewhat annoyed with them off.
Perhaps reflecting the look of the “Frue”


Interesting observation - and I see what you mean! I think the shape of the tweeter faceplate creates a sort of scowl effec.


Yes these are the Twist Select. Anyone actually heard them?


Being a boutique Danish speaker, it doesn’t appear to have much dealer support in Blighty.
A quick look online they come up at around £3k for a pair from an eBay dealer. Not sure if that’s their real on point uk sale price. But, given that - they should be a very worthwhile contender to Brit floorstanders at this sort of price - especially if the design aspect appeals.
I wouldn’t hesitate to take a listen if the opportunity arose.


Never heard them, but i like the looks of the SOLO model they offer.

The midrange driver in the first speaker looks to be one of the SBA satori drivers. Nice drivers.

Bloody gorgeous they are

french…where are you? you disappeared,long time you didn’t post anything…i hope you didnt sell your lovely hobby