DBL paxo price?

I need to tap into the wisdom of the forum’s hive mind for a question I have.
What would be a reasonable price for a DBL passive crossover, in good working condition?

Much appreciated!


This is a tricky one, they’re about as rare as Dodo plop
I had one which I swapped for a Snaxo 362 which I sold for £700, I saw one for sale a few years ago at over £1000
Demand for these has got to be pretty low and available supply even lower
If it was me selling I wouldn’t put it on eBay, I’d wait for someone to ask for one on the fishy place


Thanks Lyndon.
Indeed they don’t come up very often but there was a request elsewherfor one, which prompted my curiosity.
Last known price (to me) was £1.540 in 2007.
I have a bespoke pair so not sure if I need to hang on to these or simply better to clear up some room :slight_smile:

I have my dbl paxos stored away and most likely won’t need them anymore. Still I wouldn’t want to get get rid of them just in case …

I would not get rid of the PXOs from my Naim speakers. Should you ever require them again you may not be so lucky. Naim speakers without the PXOs tend to sell for much less.

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We’ll… not planning on ever selling them, but in the interest of my posters I may heed your advice :blush:

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