DBL Speaker replacement

I have to replace the tweeters on my Naim Dbl’s and I have 2 types to choose from: Scanspeak Type S2010/851100 or Hiquphon OW2-92. The Scanspeak would be easier to replace because they have the same holes and looking like the originals, with the Hiquphon I have to drill new holes in the mounting plate.
Is there a recommendation which I should take? Thank you for your help.`

Thomas Vienna Austria

If you mean the Scanspeak D2010/851100 then use those as they were the correct original types used by Naim for the DBL.

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Yes, i mean the D2010/851100, Thank you for your recommendation. Best regards, Thomas

There have been a number of threads on this subject - ‘search’ is your friend!

But, I am always pleased to see a new thread keeping such venerable and superb speakers alive. Please let us know how you get on!

Photos would be welcome :wink:


In the meantime, here are my old ones …



Hello, Thomas.

Falcon Acoustics, near Oxford, are showing a Scanspeak drive unit with the tantalisingly close model number D2010/852100, at £82.14, which may be of interest to you in your search. There’s a photo shown, which may help you decide.

I know nothing of Naim loudspeakers, but I have Falcon LS3/5As in my smaller home system.

Hello Thomas,

I would strongly advise against introducing other drivers than the original scanspeak tweeters that were used with DBLs. You can contact scanspeak in Germany (mr Lommersum) he may be able to source a matched pair for you - as they have recently been discontinued from production - or contact Franz from Longtone.
Cheers Charlie

Danke Franz!