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I recently bought a Micro SD card to put in my Android tablet so that I could have the mp3 version of my music library available on it. My intention was to use Bubble UPnP on the tablet as a UPnP server and player.

After copying all 15000 tracks or so on to the tablet, I could see the albums in Bubble UPnP but no artwork. Now I thought that the artwork was embedded in the mp3 files as I use the same mp3 files in a USB drive in my car and the artwork shows up there.

I asked the Bubble UPnP dev about this and he said that artwork should show up so he asked me to send him a file. Much to my surprise he said that the file had no embedded artwork. I checked in the dbpoweramp tag editor and there the artwork was, but examining the same file in mp3tag there was no artwork. I used the dbpoweramp tag editor to extract the artwork to a folder.jpg file and put that in the same folder as the album on my tablet and lo and behold the artwork then showed up in Bubble UPnP.

All well and good except there’s about 1500 albums to do :rofl: which brings me back to the thread title. Has anybody here used dbpoweramp perfecttunes? This claims to be able to add missing artwork but I’m thinking that is it ‘embeds’ in the same way as using the tag editor it is of no use, it would have to save a folder.jpg in each album folder for it to be of any use.

Any suggestionss as to how I can go about this will be most welcome!

I have used Perfecttunes quite some time ago. I believe it does save the art work as a folder.jpg in the required folder. Can you get a trial of the software from dbpoweramp?

The trial version has some limitations, including not saving artwork. No harm in giving the trial a go I suppose

Unregistered Version has these limitations:

    Album Art: displays possible matches, but will not save art
    ID Tags: does not write ID Tags, but does allow browsing and shows recommendations
    De-Dup: shows duplicates but does not enable deletion

I can always test something for you if needed, let me know, although out and about tonight

Well I’ve downloaded the trial version of PerfectTUNES and there’s good news and bad news.
First of all the bad news; it has scanned the library and it thinks the library has only 10 albums with missing artwork, presumably because the vast majority of the library was tagged with dbpoweramp tag editor but unfortunately the way the artwork is tagged is not recognised by Bubble UPnP player or indeed even mp3tag.
The good news is that it gives me the option to show all albums and beside every album there is an option to export the artwork to a folder.jpg file and this actually works in the trial version. Alas, there’s no option to do that globally that I can see and it doesn’t seem to work for albums split in to CD1, CD2 etc subfolders.
Looks like I might just have to click on that export to folder.jpg option 1000 times :rofl:

You can do the folder.jpg export on mass with the “Batch Ripper” function if you have it, I think its included with dbpoweramp reference version?

I’ve now installed the batch ripper but I can’t see how to get it to scan an existing library and do the extract to folder.jpg thing?

Suggest you raise it on the DBpoweamp Forum for Spoon to address. You are likely to get a clear answer.

Ok a little bit more complicated than I remember but this is what you need. You need to download and install the [ID Tag Update] Utility Codec into your dBpoweramp installation (it’s free I believe and you should find it on the dBpoweramp site)…that’s assuming you don’t already have it installed

Once you have done that you will see an option as part of the convert utility to select this codec rather than WAV, FLAC etc which is purely there to manipulate tags. Once you select this codec you see a number of tabs…you only need to use the manipulation tab where you will see an option to export artwork to folder.jpg. You then hit convert and it will extract the artwork from any files that have it embedded and save it as folder.jpg in the same folder

Make sure the other tabs are not doing anything to your files as part of the conversion i.e. map, deletions or additions

Now you will be able to do the same but via batch conversions just by selecting the album folders required. If you get stuck give me a shout :+1:

If no joy, jriver media centre can fix this.
Or write a script yourself in powershell, bash, python…

Thank you very much for the detailed instructions. I’m out and about most of the day but I’ll give this a go when I get home and report back

I’m fairly capable with bash but I wouldn’t have a clue how to extract artwork from an mp3 file and save it as folder.jpg :slightly_smiling_face:

I could write something in python but would need to find some free time later.

I have some code already that displays album art embedded in flac files inside a tar file, along with the other artist, album, track title etc.

That could relatively easily be adapted to save the artwork as folder.jpg.

In fact if you look on GitHub, there are written examples already:

I’ve had a look at that but unless I’m missing something there’s only source code there not an executable and I have no idea how to compile a C++ project, I’m a database guy :slight_smile:

I tried jriver media centre but it doesn’t recognise that there is artwork in the files so can’t export it. Seems like only dbpoweramp (which was used to create the files) can see the artwork.

That’s done the trick. I am using an old version of dbpoweramp and it didn’t have the ID Tag Update option in the converter. I downloaded the latest version as a trial and it was in there and worked as you describe. I might just have to cough up for the upgrade now :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it. That ID Tag Update is quite a useful option combined with the batch convertor to manipulating all sorts of things with your tags :+1:

Upgrade purchased so one more thing to get to know.

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