dBpoweramp spitting out CDs

I’m seriously frustrated. just started using dBpoweramp to rip a sample of CDs as I’ve realised that it’s 1000% better than what I was previously doing (ripping with Apple Music on my MBP :grimacing:)

but I’m having a massive problem with it doing an initial read of the CD, picking up the metadata, and then promptly spitting it back out at me. I can’t seem to find a common thread - the CDs all look clean and scratch free, some are double albums (Substance, Sound of the Smiths) some are single (The Delivery Man, In Through the Out Door) and one is a Japanese pressing of McCartney Unplugged.

Seriously, no clue - I’m using the ‘stock’ settings on Dbpa. Any tips / tricks?? Otherwise, these go in the bin… :frowning_face:

Strange co incidence. I usually use the Windows media rip for cd but the recent dbpoweramp update made me go back to it again. First thing I tried said 4 tracks were not rippable, and the rip was disjointed. Listened to them on the nak cd player, no problems. Ripped with windows media. All ripped ok and the rip sounded perfect.
I wonder if dbpoweramp has reset some kind of minimal quality filter before it will rip.

I suggest posting your problem on the dBpoweramp (Illustrate) forum.
The owner ‘Spoon’ and top tech PeterP are best equipped to understand what’s going on.

Is there still an option to calibrate your CD drive? (I suspect that allows it to optimise some of its internal settings.)
Alternatively try a different drive. I sometimes switch to using a different PC/drive if I find a troublesome disk.

was thinking exactly that this am - I’m using a 5-year old Apple external drive. might need a better one

There’s also a setting that determines what should happen when a rip is finished - do nothing or spit out the CD. I suspect this also happens after an unsuccessful rip.

Have you tried Exact Audio Copy to see if that spits them out, too?

have not. I’ve sort of put the project on hold atm; I’ve realised that I need to re-rip my entire collection as it makes more sense to get everything into FLAC. when I started, I just ‘imported’ everything into Apple Music - that was a mistake…

Are your Apple rips lossless ?

they are, but AIFF and don’t contain the metadata I’d like in an FLAC file - primarily the album art

dBpoweramp Batch Converter will save you re-ripping the CD’s

no loss of quality?

Absolutely not.
It’s reformatting codec, the bits don’t change.

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@Mike-B - assume the batch convert process is much quicker than re-ripping?

Hi again, re-ripping means you feed each individual CD in & out of the rip drive.
With Batch Convert you just select all the files (e.g. convert all) you want to convert on your NAS or whatever storage device, tell the parogram what you want the files converted to, then press the go button & walk away.
Its been a while sine I did mine (WAV to FLAC) it was a lot of hours including running over night.

thanks guys. I just did a test on an album - the aif to FLAC conversion is indeed light speeds faster than ripping. took about 2/3 seconds to convert 10 files on one album.

but haven’t worked out how to set it to replace the existing files in a folder - I now have Blondie’s Parallel Lines with one aif and one FLAC file in the folder. there’s probably a setting to replace, but haven’t found it yet.

also assume that you have to run a process to grab the metadata for each album. this could be time consuming…

luckily the clocks go back tomorrow so I have a ‘free’ hour to experiment :grinning:

I had what sounds like it might be a similar issue with some CDs (although not all) using dBPoweramp and an Apple Superdrive. CDs looked clean but either they didn’t rip or came with a massive number of frame rerips. After a while of washing and drying them to no appreciable effect I bought the only external CD drive Curry’s seemed to sell these days for about £20. Practically all the problem CDs ripped perfectly without a problem. The Apple continues to be fine for others so maybe laser thing.

I think a quick stop at amazon.com might solve this problem…

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