dCS into 552

Have people run either A Bartok or a Rossini into a 552? Did you use RCA-RCA leads, or RCA-DIN? dCS suggest RCA-RCA is best, but I’d appreciate people’s views…

I have tried both ways and decided on RCA to din, i use a witchhat morgana cable.
I find the din inputs slightly superior, maybe down to grounding?

so dCS say

“The DIN inputs on the 552 use a common ground return for both channels, basically meaning that the crosstalk performance between the left and right channels will be worse than using the separate RCA inputs.”

so they don’t like the common ground!

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Just to add i was using rega rca to rca, that came with my P10, maybe these are more the problem and a better cable would have made the difference. But i didnt have said cable and still dont.
Also i did think that the dins had a better path inside the 552 over the RCA inputs ?, could be wrong, but seem to remember reading about something like this.
But try it both ways and see which you like best, see if you can tell there is a difference, try and use the same cable, unlike myself if you can.

well, having asked dCS, I’ve asked Naim too - will report back…

All else being the same, when choosing between RCA Phono to RCA Phono and RCA Phono to DIN, I have tended to prefer the latter into a Naim pre-amp.

Two month old dCS Rossini here which replaced a Linn Klimax DS. The Linn has both RCA and XLR outputs and I used a Chord MUSIC RCA>DIN cable into my 552.
I continue to use the same cable with the Rossini and achieve excellent results.


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I agree with Richard Dane, after testing it, in a Naim preamp I much prefer RCA to DIN

Switching off the RCA inputs also enhances performance of my 282

I have SL RCA>DIN for my Bartók into 252. I’m satisfied but having said that I have not tried RCA cables that on similar calibre to comment

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