dCS Network Bridge SQ? See end of thread for conclusion

That is really extremely open and honest of you. It sounds like you have gained from the experience. It’s really easy to get taken in by hype, reviews and internet chatter.

I’m so pleased you are liking the 272/555. If I were you I’d forget about the 282 and the like, enjoy what you have for a while and save for a 250DR.

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Not in the tests I briefly did in my system in the 4 days when I had all that kit.
But then the reviews you refer to were probably on systems that cost 3 or 4 or 5 times what my system does, and so are probably much better at revealing relatively small differences in SQ.

That wasn’t what Jim, who isn’t trying to sell magazines, found though.

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it’s perhaps that Jim. More revealing system so more transparent to minor changes.

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hificritic is perhaps the most independent magazine existing. However the system reviewed was not the same.

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Yes but they still need to sell copy. It’s only by waxing lyrical that this happens. If every review concluded that X Y and Z were largely pointless then nobody would buy it.

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the most important is that Jim is happy with his system now and doesn’t need to invest more in the dcs or other.

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Yes it does make you wonder, they always do claim total independent reviews.
On there forum they do have an ongoing thread which you ask them what products you want them to get hold of and review.

Yes, FR, I am super happy with my system right now.
And I have learned a lot during this process.

Great result.

I do think the dCS is a great box, but also think that there may be advantages in tying the streamer and DAC together. I also think that Naim have paid a great deal of attention to their grounding, so I am not surprised - but listening in your system is always the test.


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I still think it is probably the best stand alone stream aggregator I have heard, but whether it is VFM is a completely different question.

A friend decided that it wasn’t worth the performance lift over the Raspberry Pi. Having sold it he changed his mind within a week.

Me, I’ll be sticking with my Linn Klimax for the foreseeable future!


So is the conclusion of this thread and the ‘Simplest way to Roonify an NDS’ (Simplest way to Roonify NDS) thread o ‘breathe new life into older streamers’ is

  1. Ensure you have the best PSU for the Naim unit, aka a 555DR and
  2. Use a SonoreUPnP type bridge solution, to provide Roon support

Just remember that a Naim streamer either in a Streaming PreAmp or a Network Player will switch input on arrival of a UPnP stream being sent to it.
Roon uses a ‘Push’ model over DLNA’s ‘Pull’ model, which is what Naim designed the UPnP support in their streamers against. Here the Streamer requests content from the UPnP server and controls its flow. In the Roon model, the DAC/Player are Endpoints and the flow is to them, controlled by the Roon Core.
So, if you are listening over a different input, be it Analogue (with a 172/272) or Digital, and the Roon Core initiates playback the Naim streamer will switch to process that stream. So careful management of the playback queue in Roon is required to avoid input switching surprises.

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Really respect the honesty Jim


I do too. We have all had initial thoughts that we have modified over the medium term and this may be VERY useful to people thinking of going in this direction who have a system similar to Jim’s.

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@Richard.Dane are you able to retitle this thread:
“dCS Network Bridge SQ? See end of thread for conclusion”

All done for you Jim.

That’s quite a journey with, I imagine, plenty of learning along the way.

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Does the thread need closing at this point for the changed name to work?

@Richard.Dane Good idea!

OK, will close the thread for you.

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