Dead CDI?

I have a CDI that goes through all the motions, turns on, scans the CD, “plays” tracks, ie scans to next track and back etc. However, there is no sound out through the Analogue input on my Atom HE. I’ve adjusted the input sensitivity to Hi-Fi (and tried the others for fun) but no sound.

I’m guessing I have a dead parrot on my hands. If I remember correctly there’s no possible route to repair, is that still true?

Also, would it be worth anything to anyone? I have no use for it and have stored it for nostalgia.

It used to work many years ago, and I got it for a steal over 20 years ago and had many times the cost in enjoyment out of it, so I’m not too upset.

Any advice?


There could be a number of causes, wonder if @NeilS can be more optimistic?

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Naim, for Parts…?

If it plays etc. then sounds like the mechanism is fine. Need to establish whether the CDI output, the cables or the Atom input is the issue. Presumably you have tried the ND5XS on the same input. If that works ok sounds like the CDI has a problem. I’m sure Naim can fix this. It’s only the mechanisms that can’t be sourced. Or maybe the cable is not the correct one?

The DAC would be the prime suspect, our stocks of these are dangerously low with no chance of being able to source more.
If you wish to proceed with a repair, I would suggest speaking to our tech support guys directly, we should be able to check the amount of open RMAs against the stock figure to avoid disappointment.



Ha ha :smile: I just inherited an ND5XS :wink: Sadly I don’t have one to test, but I did use something else to ensure that it wasn’t the input on the Atom HE. That’s working fine. I need to dig out another DIN-Phono lead and see if it is the old lead I have.

The mechanism seems to work, in that it scans, moves, stops and starts etc.
Thanks for you help.

I was wondering if it that was a more likely explanation. I’m in Martinique, so the courier price of an RMA there and back would be the price of a first class ticket to Paris :scream:

If someone comes over on holidays and would like to take it back, then come back on holidays a little later, let’s chat :rofl:

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Must have got my threads crossed :joy:

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