Dedicated surface and mcb curve

I have read on here that a type C curve breaker is recommended for Naim equipment. Why is this? Surely a type D curve or even a K would be preferable for inrush current tripping?

I suppose it’s because type B doesn’t work for big Toroidal transformer startups, type C does work. So why the need to go further, unless you find Type C doesn’t work.

Fair enough. Just looking at the types I wondered why the C as first resort.

I’ve never seen anyone on this Forum go further than a C, so that would suggest that any one Naim PS would be within the C specification. Possibly if you have a load of PS’s and powered them all up at exactly the same time, you might have an issue, but Naims recommendation is one at a time, so I guess C will do.

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Naim recommended Type C to me, and since installing them I have never once had them trip when turning on a Naim box, which was very common before I got rid of the Type B breakers.

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