Deep Bass headphone model recommended

Hi, Today I join this community. And I read a lot of informative post on audio. I want to buy a heavy bass Bluetooth headphone. Can anyone suggest me the brands/model name? My Budget $250.

Sony has wh-1000 models. You can adjust the bass level from the app. Not sure about the deep bass factor though. Most major electronic stores have models you can try and listen to before making decision.

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Ultrasone Pro900, that’s what I heard most impressive for the restiption of low frequencies.
But I’m not sure there is a Bluetooth version.

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yes, Bluetooth version.

Dr Dre :slight_smile: Heavy on bass!

The new Sony wireless in ear noise canceling one is ideal for travel… wf 3 someting

Sony wf-1000xm3?

Yes… it is nice if you are after NC

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