Deep gloom...UnitiCore not well

Gone off to Salisbury.
Tried everything suggested on the forum;
Factory reset, rebuilt index, restored from back up, changed HDD to SSD and rebuilt from back up…
Nothing showing on the app and finally, nothing showing on the laptop file explorer. Strangely, after the last restore from back up, the SSD showed the correct reduction in storage space via the app, but nowt on the laptop file explorer.
Only the LP12 and TMS via the NDS to console me.

Bad luck! But fascinating too. Please do tell us what the diagnosis is in the end. Maybe this is a time to take out a trial subscription to Tidal…

But you will need your NDS to be on 4.8 firmware.

Well, got it back from Salisbury.
All it says on the job sheet is ‘Refurbished. Music in wrong location, moved to right location’
As I have only ever ripped CD’s to it (85%) or imported from a USB stick (15%), I’m not sure exactly what this means. Heyho.

@NeilS are you able to tell us what was wrong here please?!

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What’s wrong after the repair? Can you describe?

He’s not saying anything is wrong after the repair. He is trying to understand how his music files ended up in the wrong place. And indeed that is a very interesting question.

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Correct. Everything is now working AOK. Was just a bit bemused by the job sheet comments.


I’m afraid I can’t shed any light on how it happened, but all of the music was there - it was in an extra folder called recycle bin. I have not seen this folder on a Core drive before (I’m not even sure if deleted music goes into a recycle bin?)
The notes on our jobsheet were limited to “music does not appear on app or network”, so I was not aware that the music had previously been restored from a backup.
I’ll make some enquires to see if anyone can suggest what occured here.


Morning @NeilS

I think there shouldn’t be a recycle or waste bin on the Core’s internal drive, but there have been a few examples of this issue discussed here over the last couple of months so maybe it’s something in the workflow instructions around backups and restore from backup, so that sometimes people do it in a way that is unexpected, with unexpected results!

I would expect more or less any such drive to have a recycle bin of some sort. Otherwise what happens to the deleted files? The Unitiserve has one, and you can undo the delete if you change your mind. Of course that’s not the Core, although given how many US features, including the basic folder structure, were ported from the US to the Core you might think it would be there, albeit as a hidden folder.
I also wonder if a network connected computer could put a recycle bin on the drive, in much the same way as on a USB drive, although that wouldn’t explain how anything from the MQ folder got into it.

They are deleted Chris. So you get the space back. There is no means to empty the waste bin in a Core and if there were a waste bin then it could gradually fill up.

Of course under the hood there could be a hidden waste bin that is always emptied after something is put into it.

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I’m sure you’re right, it was just idle speculation on my part. The US has an old fashioned recycle bin that you just empty manually if you need to, although I don’t think there is an actual folder that the files are moved to now I think about it. I suppose that might be further evidence of some outside interference in this case if there are rogue folders on the drive.

The Core is Linux whereas the US was windows XP, so I guess quite a lot of the lower level code would need to be new.

The files aren’t actually deleted (until something overwrites them). Their entry is simply removed from the file allocation table so that their location is no longer recorded there. The recycle bin just another folder where deleted file locations can be stored. If there is no recycle bin, the locations of the files are lost.

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I believe it was me who first raised the issue of a recycle bin appearing in my Cores backup drives but not on the SSD in the Core.

I have heard nothing further from anyone since I first raised the issue about 3/4 months ago.

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Well, the saga continues. Has been fine since coming back from Salisbury in September, but over the last week, has now started to randomly restart. Music playing for some time and then the music suddenly stops and after a few seconds, I hear the CD mechanism cycle, the lights flash and the unit comes out of standby mode, Naim light on. Music can then be played. Anybody have any experience of this, or is it another 6 week trip to Salisbury?

6 weeks within UK :astonished:
I can’t imagine how long when you are in continental Europe…

But at least the repair (if not the unit) is still under warranty, so you could try to claim a new unit.

Had the same issue with my Core a couple months ago. Naim asked me to try a hard reset. And asked me to do this after removing the HD.
No success first time. But after the second time it seems to work normal again. Have you tried this?

Hi, no, thanks for that, will give it a go.

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