Deepest Bass

Turn up loud and feel the rumble


Do you mean ‘deepest’ bass or loudest or most pronounced or best recorded??
I know some of the previously listed albums such as Genesis, Roger Waters etc have loud & pronounced, but not sure the deepest.
The lowest a 4 string bass & acoustic bass’s are normally tuned to E1 (41Hz) , a 6 string is G0 (30Hz) & some church/concert organs can go below human hearing. Outside of that it means the recorded bass is changed in the mixing desk or from a Synth.
Whatever, I have a real low bass suggestion from a record that might surprise you…
Enya (yes you read it right) the Enya album Watermark, Track 10 has bass down to 20Hz, problem is are your speakers up for it.

To my tastes - I think it’s something you feel - something prominent in the mix, and something probably synthetic - eg big slabs of synth bass.

I’m thinking it’s something at the edge of hearing - so sub 30hz - something that most systems would roll off and you might be oblivious to. That’s why I really like the Higher Intelligence Agency track I posted. Only the lucky few get to hear that bassline - it’s SO low.

Yes - for me the deepest bass is always synthetic. Some people will probably say “church organ!!” - but do people actually listen to that - possibly - but it’s not for me!

Many a night spent at the Warehouse! …it’s a great track too :+1:t2:

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That would be perfect! :joy::joy:

I kind of struggle with this - I’ve head it, but it just smacks of “Hi-Fi Show Demo Disc” - we like Naim gear, surely we all like our Bass to groooooove?! :joy::joy:

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Damn it, and I thought VNV Nation, Immersed had something to do with bass (e.g. starting at 04:50). :joy:

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The Telarc 24 bit SACD recording I have to play at an unrealistically low level for the orchestra so that the canons to not make lethal projectiles out of the bass cones… I’m not so sure it is the depth of bass as such, just the very considerably higher level signal.

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I find the track Lament from the album Night song by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook proves a satisfying bass workout

Oh yes. I even got my degree in it.

It gives a mighty feeling to bring such a piece alive in a cathedral. It must feel a bit like driving a F1 car. Touch one key and the entire space is alive.

That’s a very cool video to be fair. But my foot remained resolutely untapped!

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I am not sure it was that recording… but yes the bass energy coupled with higher frequencies of a canon firing is certainly a good test of speaker and amp. :grinning:

Propellerheads - Bigger?

Bizarre - was listening to the Depeche Mode track on K&D sessions - trying to tune in my subs after a room move - when I saw this thread. More tunes to try out :). Perhaps when my wife is out.

Some immediate thoughts:

Bjork’s Hyperballad

James Blake - Limit To Your Love

Trentemoller - Chameleon


A track that really gets cones moving is ‘Limit to your love’ by James Blake. A cover of a Feist song with enormous amounts of sub bass. I can imagine a few speakers have been damaged listening to that one!

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SUCH a great remix - and yes - amazing bass!

Two posts in a row have reminded me of this. I’d totally forgotten it - great sub bass wobbles as I recall!

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I’d forgotten about that - yes - definitely my thang, and HOOGE Bass wobbles in there. Will revisit!

Blimey Matt with your system I’d be worried about my windows!



Take your pick with Aphex but this one springs to mind first.

Ditto with DnB

Watch your cones wobble