Deezer on Naim mu

Deezer on Naim Mu 2 g?

Do you an iPhone? The mu-so can work via airplay, so anything you play on your phone can be sent via airplay to a mu-so.
Ditto for chromecast on android.

Im glad you understood the question.

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I’m assuming it was;
Can I use deezer on a mu-so 2nd gen?
Yes but not natively via the Naim app, you just have to direct the audio stream from your phone to the mu-so via airplay or chromecast. (Or I guess you can Bluetooth it as well).
And thus you won’t get hires audio because this is limited by the abilities of airplay and chromecast.
Same for anything else other than tidal or qobuz.

We would be so pleased to have a full sentence, if possible ?
And we would really enjoy knowing you more.


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hello does anyone know the type of batteries that the command of The Naim Mu compatible and how it opens the part where they put the batteries already tried to open but difficult and I’m afraid of damaging the sound command greetings

I gave up the Qobuz platform I will subscribe to Deezer premium sorry that the application Naim does not have Deezer as has Tidal Spotify and qobuz

Thanks for tour Help about Aston Vila i prefer Sporting clube de Portugal kkk greetings from Lisbon

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Bizarrely when I purchased my QB MK1, it was bundled with nine months free Deezer.
Couldn’t use it with the QB, but it worked fine with my obsolete SBT.

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