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Hi. Just a quick question and sorry if this appears to be a stupid one. I have the Naim ND5 XS2. I see that this has Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal already loaded into the app. I’m trying out all the streaming services one by one. I’m now trying Deezer free for three months. So I guess I play this through my streamer by using Chromecast? Would that be correct seeing as there is no dedicated link in the Naim app for Deezer? Or is there a better way I should be playing this through my streamer? Thanks in advance.

I’d say chromecast yes.

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Yes, Chromecast or AirPlay are your options. It’s been a while since I’ve tried Deezer, but I would try Chromecast first. However, I’ve found that some apps have extremely poor Chromecast implementation with almost unusable volume controls etc. in which case try AirPlay.

Isn’t Deezer pretty low quality compared to the rest ? I had a 6 month trial through BMW using the 4G connection in the car. It was Ok for chart music in the car but I’d not use it at home. Tidal & Qobuz are what you should be looking at for your ND5XS2.

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I think deezer does cd quality streams.


There is now a lossless FLAC option I believe.


Ah ok.Ditched it once the trial was up so never explored further.

Thanks. I’ve had a free trial with Qobuz and Tidal…just thought I’d try Deezer before making my mind up who to subscribe to.

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I’ve got three months free for their Premium option. No idea how I’d find out what the format is and if it’s flac?

Deezer Premium is 320kbps MP3. Deezer ‘HiFi’ is lossless FLAC. If you sign up for it you should still be able to get the 3 month free trial for the lossless service.

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