Default forum interface setting


HL, from what we’ve seen so far, it does seem to be an issue with MS Edge and we haven’t heard of the same thing from any other browser.


I just flicked over to Edge & yes I see the same, I have Grey Theme set in my normal browser & in Edge its the only one thats OK,
(my default browser is Chrome)


Hi Richard,

Has a nice gremlin been at work? I’ve just loaded-up the Forum again via Edge and have ‘gone grey’ (far better BTW). If so, thanks to whoever.

It seems my default is now grey - and if I now switch to white horrid de-formatting occurs, even worse by a quick look as the top Naim icon seemed to disappear.


We went onto your preferences and changed it to grey for you. It seems that Edge has an issue when you try to change the theme - it breaks the theme. But if it’s changed for you, it’s OK. Weird…

If you would like me to change it for you again, just let me know.


Richard - many thanks. I didn’t appreciate things could be tailored this way…the wonders of the new platform which, as myself and others have said, is very good - especially the pointers and navigation aids.