Default forum interface setting

Based on my experience of using other forums that use this platform, I think the default interface should be set to ‘latest’, rather than ‘categories’


Very good, nice UI/UX improvement for the forum. Could we also have the latest posting within each category, for those of us, that follow multiple categories?
At present, I have separate browser tabs for 2 or 3 (Beta, Streaming and sometimes HiFi corner)
Something more like this

Roon’s also has Badges for different user types, and levels - planning anything similar?

Indeed, the Roon site works well, and this appears the software/service. I was thinking the same question.
Edit: Actually I now see the badges function is indeed operating here…

This is an option you can control in settings under interface.


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Thanks, @Sloop_John_B, I am aware of that. I was thinking more about what the default view should be when everyone initially joins the community next week

I’ve set mine to Categories as it’s similar to the old forum, but I’m expecting to try all possible combo’s as things evolve to eventually find what works best for me.

Me too, it’s a bit difficult to tell the best approach when things are quiet as they are at the moment.

I’m liking the ability to completely hide (mute) a topic. This is excellent for subjects that don’t interest me. This may make other views work better.

Yes, I can see that the Hide button could be useful, although it’s well hidden so I suspect most will remain oblivious to its existence. Even if you realise that the word Watching is a button that opens a dropdown list, the hide option is hidden, and you could then miss that it’s possible to scroll down to see it. Maybe larger screen devices are different?

I am clicking on the tracking option at the bottom of the thread. You can chose Muted from here.

Yes, the name of the button is the name of whichever option is active at the time, and you can choose muted if you realise that you can scroll down to reveal it.

Oh I see, you must be on a different device, no scrolling required via Safari on an iPad

Yes, I’m using an iPhone.

Members, I have tried to change my Interface setting to Naim Grey as the white screen default is a tad bright on my laptop but when I do this the screen flips to very large characters and de-formats horribly which, I assume, is down to my browser (MS Edge).

Anybody else encountered the same and have a solution? I’m a non-techie - I’d rather not play with any colour settings on my laptop for just one 'site.

HL, I’ll let our developer know and see what he thinks.

Richard, thanks. I came across something very similar with BT’s e-mail settings a couple of years ago. I resolved by using their ‘Basic’ setting then. I had a scan of the Settings for Edge but there doesn’t look like much/if anything to play with.

HL, it’s being investigated

HL, we’re going to apply an update later this evening which should cure the problem with MS Edge when trying to use the other themes.

Richard, FYI, I still get massive deformatting if I select the Naim Grey Theme option under Interface i.e. on a lap-top, using MS Edge. I’ll be learning to decode the pyramids soon :smiley:

I assume the update was run last evening - I cannot see anything to the contrary(?)

HL, yes, the update ran last night, but it does not seem to have fixed the problem. Our developer is going to have to see what else can be done.

Hi Richard -

Are you aware if the inability to use anything other than the white interface is just an issue with MS Edge?

If it is, and driven by some other foibles with same, I may opt for another browser.