Defunct HiFi

My set up is not well, to say the least.

I am hearing an alarming screech like sound from the speakers on switching on the power amp.

The power amp (250.2DR) and the HiCapDR have been taken away for testing at the local Audio T.

However on testing the speakers there is a possibility that one of the drivers is blown.

Not wishing to prejudge things, I may be looking at a new set of speakers.

I can’t afford to splash more than £3K - what options are there in this price bracket do you reckon?

Would prefer a floor stander for looks and WAF.

Our sources are Naim CD5Si, LP12/Ittok/ATOC9 and (whisper it) - a Cambridge Audio streamer.


What are the speakers you think you need to replace? (Have you searched out the possibility of replacement driver(s) or even, possible in some cases, reconing them (which includes voice coil)?

Naim Ariva are listed in the OP’s profile

Yes they are Naim Arivas, maybe wait for verdict from Audio T (who reckon they can be in touch with Naim).

Obviously we will home demo any replacements, if necessary.


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Happy days (ish)

Naim are assessing the amp, but they are able to replace the drivers. Our local Audio T will be picking up the speakers this week to see if they ‘save’ the cross overs.


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Passive cross overs are - or should be - quite easy to service.
Just replace the Capacitors… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I freely admit I’m biased, but a secondhand pair of B&W 804s should come in under £3k and will respond well to your amplification.

I have Arivas on my bedroom system, so I know how good they are. 804s (mine are D2s) are better, though, and my amplification is a notch down from yours so they should sound even better for you!


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Update on this, Naim have the drivers and are willing to supply them ‘for free’!

Must be an early Christmas present or something.

My local Audio T will fit them this week.



What an exceptional response from Naim!

This thread caught my eye, having recently been playing my Allaes again…
I hope you’re up and running soon!

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We are nearly there, waiting for Audio T to fit drivers. The 250DR needed a replacement transistor.

My wife was asking when things would be sorted out this morning, she would like to hear the ‘digital album’ of guide tracks for her choir practice - curated by myself with all of the tags and things.


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